5 Super Interesting Facts About Basenji Dog

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Basenjis are known for two things: they are one of the rare dogs from Africa, and they are kind of cat-alike. Not only that their ears are very similar to those in felines, but their personality also matches cats.

Have you ever heard of a dog breed that can spend hours grooming itself? Well, Basenjis do that.

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Check these fast facts on this breed that will definitely spark your interest in this breed.

They Don’t Bark

It’s no secret that dogs bark. That’s how they communicate. They use it to tell you that something hurts them that there is danger, or just to say hello to another dog.

Basenjis do something similar, but in their own way – their bark is more of a yodel.

In general, they are quite a breed, but they aren’t shy to be a yodel. They have flat larynxes, meaning that they cannot bark.

Basenji Will Hunt A Lion

These dogs are mostly found in Congo or in Kenya. Even today they are used as hunting dogs. Moreover, they were used to lure lions out of their caves.

Masai hunters love having them on their side, as they would use four Basenjis to find lions, lure them out of their caves, and get them in the open.

Once a lion is out of his cave, hunters would form a circle around the giant cat.

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Little Bush Thing

To many Basenji sounds like an unusual name. At its core, it’s a very original name, with a rather unusual meaning. People of the Ituri rainforests had Basenjis around them all the time.

They were so used to living together, that it’s only natural for them to name them.

They called today’s Basenji in fact ‘Basenchi’ which means ‘little bush thing’. Other claims that ‘basenji’ means the ‘village dog.’

They Aren’t Easy To Train

This dog was bred to hunt lions, so you must expect a certain level of stubbornness.

They are aloof and independent dogs. Their cat-alike personality allows them to bond with one or two humans.

That nature means that they love to do things their way. Training them isn’t impossible, it just needs a lot of patience and well-structured training.

This is the main reason why this breed isn’t the best choice for first-time dog owners, but for someone with more experience.

They’re Very Clean

Since they are cat-like, it comes as no surprise that their grooming habits are similar to felines. They love grooming themself for a long time.

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Moreover, Basenjismust cleans their coats and paws, just like cats. Grooming them is easy as the dogs do much of the work themselves.

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