5 Facts About Bernese Mountain Dog

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When people think about dogs, they imagine them large, fluffy, and looking magical in a way — they usually imagine them looking like Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Every dog is unique, both pure breed or mixed breed, but something makes everyone – even non-dog lovers, to stop and pet Bernese whenever they see these dogs.

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Here are five interesting facts on this breed that you should know. Read on.

1. They Are From Switzerland

Bernese Mountain Dog is an old breed. Some dog experts believe that Romans brought mastiff-like dogs to Switzerland 2000 years ago.

Others believe that Bernese dogs were there before Romans. Bernese dogs are working dogs even today.

2. The Name Refers To Where The Breed Is From

Bernese are from Bern Canton, the central region of Switzerland. Therefore, they got their name from the area where they were bred.

3. Eventually They Became Delivery Dogs

These are healthy dogs that were initially bred to work. They would pull carts filled with dairy products and bread to different farms.

Sometimes small children would go with them, but they were more than capable of going the distance independently. The canine-drawn carts were a necessity in the Alps, while in the other parts of the world, they were used as a novelty.

4. They Are Super Strong

Berners can haul up to 1000 pounds—10 times their own weight. Overall, they are incredibly well-built and eager to please.

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5. Love Of The St. Bernard Almost Wiped Out The Berner

In the late 1800s, St. Bernard was the most popular dog in Switzerland.

St. Bernard was so famous that people started forgetting about Swiss mountain dogs. At one point, only farmers in rural areas used these massive dogs.

Luckily, an innkeeper named Franz Schertenleib popularized the breed by promoting it across Switzerland and Europe.

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