Do Cats Have Feelings? Do Cats Feel Love?

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Among animals, cats are known as little furry beings with a strong attitude.

They are also known for being independent and loving to organize time on their own.

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Many believe that there is no love for humans in the heart of a cat. However, this is so far from the truth. Dogs may seem more clingy because they demand more time and push you to love them.

Cats want all the love that they can get, but they do it differently. Anyone who has ever had a cat knows just how passionate and lovable these creatures are.

If your feline has a traumatic experience with humans, she may show some signs of aggression and fear, but you may only expect only enjoyable moments.

Just like humans, every cat is different and shouldn’t be compared with any other animal.

For example, dogs are extremely attached, and they show love by jumping on you, wagging their tail, and kissing you by licking your face. That’s not something that cats commonly do.

To show affection, cats will rub themself against you, blink at you, or expose their belly to you. When a cat blink at you, make sure that you blink her back.

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