Do Dogs Like When You Use Baby Voice

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Dogs are such people pleasers, when treated right. They love spending time with their human family, and they adore when you talk to them and provide treats.

How you talk to your dog matters because dogs are very perceptive of the human word and the tone in which they’re spoken.

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Simply said, dogs prefer if you talk to them in a baby voice. If this is hard to believe, do a simple test. Next time when you see a dog say in a baby voice, “Who’s a good boy?” and you will see how instantly his tail goes wagging.

Dogs are sensitive to changes in acoustic properties, and they tend to react differently to various voices. If you want to become closer to your dog, make sure to use a baby voice and a lot of body language.

Dogs are masters when it comes to non-verbal communication, but when it comes to the sound, they prefer dog-directed speech in what we call baby voice.

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