3 Top Websites Where Kids Can Learn About Animals

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Children love animals unless they are tough otherwise. Children have a high level of empathy and love exploring the world around them, including living beings.

Animals are also very popular among curious older children. In countless situations, children are fascinated with animals so much that they can even watch documentaries about animals.

In the digital era and easy internet access, children can go online to learn about every animal alive. There are many sites devoted to helping children to learn about animals.

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Here are some websites that you may like to explore with your children.


Who doesn’t like baby animals? Help your children explore this website, so they can enjoy the cutest and the news baby animals from the world’s accredited zoos and aquariums. There are also great games, and this website may be a great place for research on animals or a school project.

National Geographic Kids

This website includes great photos, text, and videos. Younger children will especially benefit from videos if they aren’t ready for heavy reading yet.

Walking With Dinosaurs

This website is overall more suited for older children, but young dinosaur fans will love available photos and videos about this BBC site’s dinosaurs. Parents can help younger children by clicking on images.

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