During Which Months Do Dogs Shed the Most?

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Dogs are wonderful beings. However, owning a dog comes with a number of vast responsibilities.

One of the many responsibilities that you may have as a dog owner is grooming. If you want to keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy and shiny, you need to incorporate regular brushing sessions. This way, you may connect better with your dog and make your bond stronger.

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Still, you may brush your dog on a regular level, and you can’t deal with dog hair on your beloved floor daily. This is because, in certain months, dogs naturally shed much more.

So, determining what months your dog sheds the most will help you tremendously to prepare for the heavy hair events.

First, invest in the right dog gear, tools, and lint rollers, and have your vacuum cleaner on hand.

Your dog’s hair goes through certain phases, from hair growth to hair falling out, and each phase comes with a specific level of hair loss. So, when do dogs she the most?

Outside dogs start shedding in spring around March and are done shedding by June. In the fall, the summer coat starts shedding around September, and the process should be complete by November.

Indoor dogs are heavily exposed to artificial lighting and air conditioning, which causes the dog’s natural shedding cycle to get disrupted, which results in more moderate shedding all year round.

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